"Sometimes you’re in the right place, but you wish you weren’t...."

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Who I Am
Leann & The Clean Man

Reader Reviews

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Shaw’s tormented characters in Trufant leap right off the pages right into your gut, in a plot that doesn’t let go till the last word.

Ed Gruber

 Author, former U.S. Navy Combat Correspondent and Advertising Creative Director

WHO I AM: Couldn’t put it down. This read makes you feel like you’re in the squad car- behind the badge. So much I never thought about. If you’ve got a family member or friend who’s in law enforcement- it’s a should read. If you’re considering a career in law enforcement- it’s a must read.

Chuck Vones

WHO I AM: My favorite was the horse, you saved him just like you saved that little baby in the lake, you are so brave. Thank you for being such a great police officer. I am sorry that you get sad sometimes thinking about all the bad things you had to see, why do people have to be so mean anyway? Maybe if you go get a donut now it will make you feel better.

Susan Tidwell