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Month: March 2018

The Writer’s High

An amazing thing happened this morning. A Facebook memory I posted two years ago popped up, a picture of my first novel titled Six. I had printed out two copies for my closest friends to read. I wanted to know if it was crap or not. They liked it. I thought the hard part was over and all I had to do now was have an editor tidy it up and have it published. To make a long story short, she said my book was interesting but had major flaws. As in real major flaws. I was hurt by her…


Gun Restrictions and the Parkland Shooting

All my friends are arguing about gun restrictions on one of my Facebook posts. But the people they are arguing with are ex-law enforcement, ex-military or both.  Guns were just tools for us. We grew up with guns; our dads took us hunting when we were old enough to understand the responsibilities of holding a rifle. My dad bought me my first rifle when I was twelve, a semi-automatic 22  that held fourteen rounds.  I am for better gun controls if it helps stop these mass killings. I believe there could be an added layer of restrictions on assault rifles…

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