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Month: December 2018

Winding things up

So much happening at once. The Holidays of course and I’ve finished writing Travis. Travis is the Crime Fiction novel set in San Francisco. Hopefully I’ll have an edit scheduled for it sometime in January. I’ve redone my Flash Fiction story Hans into the Short Story category now at 8,000 words. Its a paranormal story of a boy in Poland in 1940. I hope to have it entered in several contest coming up soon. Meanwhile I’m finishing a book proposal for my memoir Who I Am ; a look into my career in law Enforcement. I enjoy writing so much more…

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I finished turning my Flash Fiction story Hans into a Short Story of 8,000 words. I could use some feedback before I send out to a few contests. The Flash Fiction version is a paranormal story of a young boy in Poland in 1940. This version goes a little farther. Tell what you like, what you don’t like and where you see issues. The link is posted below. If it wont open, let me know that too and I’ll post it all here. Thanks. Hans V2 short story I see that it didn’t link in my phone app so I’m…

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