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Month: February 2019


Travis is finished and sitting with an editor at the moment. But I’ve already made an outline for the sequel, Trufant. Here’s the opening Chapter. He walked towards the car picking his way through the minefield of tiny blue-green fragments of broken glass that had once been the driver’s window. He had been told the path towards the car had been cleared of any possible evidence but experience told him otherwise. The Cardinal Rule of a crime seen; never leave anything on it and never take anything from it; a difficult task when the evidence could be microscopic. Most of…


February will be a busy month!

I’ve put aside a few projects with the intent of getting Who I Am published. I wrote a book proposal, and have sent it and the manuscript off to an editor. Time to stop dickering around with it. Travis is finished and off to several Beta-Readers. One came back with some great suggestions and I expect two more over the next several weeks. Then making what changes they recommend and then a full edit. I’m also going to send Hans out for an edit as well. I want to see if I can enter Hans in a few short story…

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