Month: April 2019

#vanish #vss365 April 30th

And as he thought of Afghanistan, the men and women in the waiting room vanished and for a brief fragment in time, he was laying in the dirt street again looking at his severed leg and smelling the mix of cordite and blood.

#vss365 #vestige

 Traces of her perfume still lingered on her pillowcase, the scent of a rose and vanilla perhaps. Tonight, like every night, he buried his face into the last vestige of his wife and wept.“Move on,” they said. They know nothing of love.

PTSD in Law Enforcement

I’m doing some research on PTSD, specifically in Law Enforcement. If you, or someone you know can recommend websites, books, etc., that addresses PTSD, please let me know. I’ve found a few on the internet but I was hoping someone with first hand experience can recommend a few.

#vss365 vehement

His dead wife’s image floated through his dream like it had done for twenty years. She was wearing her wedding dress again, tattered and torn from the shrapnel and burned by the blast. She was still beautiful, his memory of her #vehement and his love for her eternal.

#vss365 4/21

He wore his lack of morality like an old woman wears a cloak on a cold day. Twice before he had sought shelter from the storm of his #vices, but his transgressions shocked the church elders, and he was cast out. The depravity of his sins drove him onward and into a darkness blacker than…
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