Author: Jeff Shaw

Book Launch!

Just a note if anyone reads my posts, my book is available on Amazon beginning Friday April 3rd. Stay safe and healthy my friends.

Cuba, Castro and Socialism

I see lots of talk about Cuba, Castro and socialism in the news recently thanks to Bernie Sanders. Last year Susan and I, along with two of our friends spent a day in Havana and I thought I would share my thoughts on what I saw as we strolled not just the tourist areas, but…
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A simple very short story for Veteran’s Day

There is nothing more emotional than a funeral procession for a fallen soldier. Men and women #marching in perfect cadence. Flags waving, that feeling of patriotism, the tears, the sight of grieving loved ones. They tear at our soul And at the heart of it all, a soldier who chose to serve… and died. And…
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Another shift, another day

We’re never dispatched into happy homes. No, we’re sent into the broken ones. We’re tasked to save the stabbed, shot, beaten and brutalized. We witness the child holding his broken toy left behind by a burglar. The vacant stare in the woman who knows a stranger has been touching her lingerie. The anger and grief…
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September #vss365 Week#2

September 8, 2019  #comet #1 The sting of the needle and My skin is on fire Like a #comet racing towards the sun Layers of my soul burn brightly and fall away I can see everything clearly now The meaning of life and death I float over the shell of my corpse I reach for…
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