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I’m in the last stages of proofing and hope to have Broken out by May. This is the third and probably the last in the Bloodline series. Make sure you read Lieutenant Trufant first, followed by LeAnn and the Clean Man. All are available on Amazon or your local bookstore in paperback, hardback and Kindle.…
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Dahlonega Literary Festival

Saturday March 2, 2024

The Foggy Dew Back Story

Some back story on my ‘The Foggy Dew’ short story. In July, Susan and I traveled to Scotland and Ireland. Our coach driver had just retired after 34 years as an officer (Guarda) near Galway. We met in the first hotel’s pub and immediately bonded, although he’s probably young enough to be my son, because…
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The Dentist Chair part #1

I sat there staring out into another one of many cloudy afternoons, my mouth wide open—not in wonder or awed by the serenity. No. It was a far different sensation. Gliding effortlessly through the sky, were two beautiful hawks searching for prey no doubt. Somewhere they had young mouths to feed, probably with mouths agape,…
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Lieutenant Trufant

Lieutenant Trufant launched in March and the reviews are coming in. Available now through Amazon,, and selected independent bookstores Lieutenant Marcus Trufant sits alone in his apartment waiting for his phone to ring, and praying it won’t. It’s April, 11th and just like the April before, he knows a United States veteran will be…
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