True story I’m in a black void. Silence, no sense of time, no pain, nothing, just blackness I’m aware of one thing, I’m conscious, or at least I think I am. Just moments before they were wheeling me into the OR. I can see what I think are the Davinci robots and it feels like…
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February 11, 2021 #vss365

She had been so careful, so discrete But stars shine in darkness A simple #mistake, an error in judgement And now, one night’s pleasure and a lifetime of shame But as the haters live and die Her light still shines brightly

Today’s #vss365

January 28, 2021 Like fire in dry grass, the #desease spread thru us Creativity and freewill were lost And like lemmings, we followed the loudest voice We wanted to soar like eagles But deep down we knew better It was a leap of faith And so we flew

#vss365 December 4, 2020

Above us, an #expanse of hope and mystery We pray to a God we can’t see Where angels and demons war As we age, we see our mortality And we think of heaven Pearly gates and streets of gold Beckoning us But first, we must be judged Are we worthy?

It’s been a while

Well yesterday was election day and we all know, or don’t know how that went. I wrote a couple of very short stories, #vss365s on Twitter and both of them have a bit of sarcasm and humor related to our attempt at deciding our country’s fate Enjoy and see you soon, Jeff November 3, 2020…
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