September’s #vss365 Week #1

 September 1, 2019 Shadows merge and the #gloaming begins The oily blackness runs rampant Creeping through the village Thick, plague like Infecting those too afraid to flee Free will is lost to them Chaos and desperation follow Only dawns cleansing light will save them now September 2, 2019 Dried oak leaves rustled across her headstone…
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We’re never dispatched into happy homes No, we’re sent into the broken ones We’re tasked to save the stabbed, shot, beaten and brutalized We witness the child holding his broken toy left behind by a burglar The vacant stare in the woman who knows a stranger has been touching her lingerie The anger and grief…
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Flash Fiction #renounce

The once noble knight, stripped of everything but his smallclothes, stood defiantly in the great hall. “Do you #renounce me,” the queen asked, her words reverberating off stone walls. They had been lovers once, until his age betrayed him and she took another, younger man. “I do,” he said sealing his fate. “Death then,” she…
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#vss365 June 11,2019

#Empathy God and the Archangel looked down on humanity and Michael asked. “Why do you let the evil ones live so long and the good die so young?” “Empathy Michael.” “Empathy?” the angel asked. “It’s the presence of evil, and their lack of empathy that make the good ones shine so bright.”