#vss365 June 11,2019

#Empathy God and the Archangel looked down on humanity and Michael asked. “Why do you let the evil ones live so long and the good die so young?” “Empathy Michael.” “Empathy?” the angel asked. “It’s the presence of evil, and their lack of empathy that make the good ones shine so bright.”

Memorial Day

The beach was unrecognizable now, deserted, the white sands pristine, the silence overwhelming. He stood in the surf where years ago he had clung to the jagged steel of a German hedgehog. The years fell away and he was nineteen again. His rifle was useless, resting on the bottom of the sea, his hand shredded…
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Failures and other nonsense

Have you ever sat down and analyzed the failures in your life, ever stacked them up next to your successes and measured them? I do. For every success, I seem to have an equal or greater number of failures. Even my successes are riddled with failures. We are breathing so that in itself is a…
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#vss365 Mother’s Day

As he lay dying, listening to the machines failing to keep him alive, he thought of his mother. He could see her looking down from above. Her radiant smile, her simple dress, her #beatific grace—and he was a child again. “Come to me,” she said. “Let go, I’m here with you.”

#Surreal #vss365

He felt euphoric as he reached out and took the woman’s hand. Blue strobe lights flashed through the gun smoke and the pungent smell of cordite left an acrid taste in his mouth. A #surreal moment indeed. They were alive and the dead man would never hunt again.