Publishing Dreams

I went to a meeting of the Atlanta Writer’s Club Saturday. It was interesting but I realized one thing; when I worry  the odds of getting published and getting hit by lightning are about the same and I want to stop writing. So I’m not going to worry about it anymore. I’m going to write…
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The Writer’s High

An amazing thing happened this morning. A Facebook memory I posted two years ago popped up, a picture of my first novel titled Six. I had printed out two copies for my closest friends to read. I wanted to know if it was crap or not. They liked it. I thought the hard part was…
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Gun Restrictions and the Parkland Shooting

All my friends are arguing about gun restrictions on one of my Facebook posts. But the people they are arguing with are ex-law enforcement, ex-military or both.  Guns were just tools for us. We grew up with guns; our dads took us hunting when we were old enough to understand the responsibilities of holding a…
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