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Travis updates

I’ve posted a few more chapters as Travis explores the streets of San Francisco. I posted Chapters 13 through 16 today and I’m finishing Chapter 27 now. I would post them sooner but as I write the new chapters I find myself needing to update old ones. Once I’m sure a chapter is ready I…
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Travis: Capters Six and Seven

I posted 6 this morning and 7 tonight. Enjoy them

Air Conditioning

  As I was lying in an Ambien induced haze last night, I couldn’t help but wonder how is that when your air conditioner fails its always during the summer and on a weekend—or worse, on Thanksgiving in South Florida when its ninety–nine degrees. It happened to me so I know. Is it something in…
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The Flash Bulb Memory

 Flash Bulb Memory We all have a few; some event in our lives that pop up now and then and we can remember every detail. One of my first was in second grade watching a convoy of Nike and Hawk missiles driving north as I played dodgeball in the school yard; the Cuban Missile Crises…
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