It’s been a while

It’s been a while

Well yesterday was election day and we all know, or don’t know how that went.

I wrote a couple of very short stories, #vss365s on Twitter and both of them have a bit of sarcasm and humor related to our attempt at deciding our country’s fate

Enjoy and see you soon,


November 3, 2020

You must #vote they said

Choose your leader

Make your choice

I listened for months

As clowns and fools argued

Each with a hand in my pocket

I wanted to scream

I needed to vent

Red or blue?

A civilized Russian Roulette

I watch my fate dance and sing

As I pull the trigger

November 4, 2020

What is pain,

but a reminder I still breathe

A bouquet of roses

Beautiful and full of thorns

But I embrace them knowing I’m alive

Now, the day is done

and night awaits me

#Exuberantly I dream of calm

As storms rage all around me

So today I wake and smell the rose

And breathe in its pain

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