Six is a Sci-Fi novel I have been working on for years. After one tough round with a professional editor, I let it sit unchanged for months until I realized my editor was correct. It still sits on my hard drive as I promote Who I Am: The Man Behind the Badge, attempt to publish Trufant and write Trufant’s sequel. I haven’t given up on Six yet.

Here’s a short sample of the first chapter.


At first, Croft thought it was a perfect sphere and then noticed it was wider at the bottom where it was sitting in the sand. He stood close to it, trying to guess its dimensions. It was taller than him by a couple of feet; seven or eight feet tall and just about as wide. 

He backed up and looked around its base. Something is terribly wrong here he thought. He looked for any signs of an impact; a crater, gouged earth, debris or parachutes but there was nothing and whatever it was appeared undamaged from its re-entry. 

He ran his hand over its warm surface—a perfectly smooth surface void of any technology, no antennae, no access hatches, how would that be possible? If it was some type of satellite, what was its purpose and how did it get here?