Failures and other nonsense

Failures and other nonsense

Have you ever sat down and analyzed the failures in your life, ever stacked them up next to your successes and measured them?

I do.

For every success, I seem to have an equal or greater number of failures.

Even my successes are riddled with failures.

We are breathing so that in itself is a success. We all know people that aren’t. For whatever reason they are dead and we are alive.

But are our lives as successful as we wished?  Are we where we wanted to be in our youth? Are we good parents or friends? We all have made a few mistakes when it comes to family. The trick is, to learn from them I suppose.

Some of my mistakes have been trivial, others haunt me.

I can only try and put those in the past and hope those that I have wronged forgave me or forgot me.

The older I get, the better I am at navigating around mistakes. Better judgment maybe, or just that with all that I’ve learned over the years, I’m making better choices.

Still, if I could conquer time travel, I would spend a lot of time fixing a few failures. But maybe, that would simply lead to more mistakes. It’s a paradox.

So I have given up the search for a way to travel into the past. If you were involved in any of those failures, know that I did try to change things.

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