John is Not Really Dull

John is Not Really Dull

I spent 15 minutes writing a #vss365 (daily very short story) on Twitter today using the prompt #dirt and I needed a gif or photo to accompany it. I find that something visual accents my words and gives it that extra dimension some of us need.

The story is of a man grieving the loss of his dog. I found a perfect sketch on Pinterest and spent 30 minutes trying to identify the artist. Most photos and artwork have some copyright issues and I for one don’t want to get sued.

I learned the name of the sketch is John is Not Really Dull, created by one of the nearly 10,000 artists commissioned by the Works Progress Administration’s Federal Art Project during the Great Depression.

So between 1935 and 1943, those 10,000 plus artist were paid $23.60 a week by the Works Progress Administration under a program called The Federal Art Project, one of the largest of the New Deal projects.

I find it amazing to look at all the work done by those anonymous artist and wonder where they are today. I hope you will look at some of their work. Google is your friend.

Here’s my #vss365 tweet and the sketch.

 In moonlight, even the red #dirt is black

Dry leaves blow across her simple memorial

A wreath made of dying wildflowers

Fitting I thought

The dead commemorating the dead

The dog had been my only companion for years

I’ll see you soon my friend

John is Not Really Dull

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  1. Susan S says:

    Very interesting!

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